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From the second to fourth years of the Taisho Period, this garden was created as part of the grounds for a residence for the Vice-President of the Manchurian Railway, Eguchi Teijo. It was designed and built by a landscape gardening organization located in Akasaka called "Sengoku." In 1929, it was purchased by the founder of Mitsubishi, Iwasaki Yataro. Based on a design created by Tsuda Saku, a main residence building and tea ceremony building (Kouyou-tei) were added and a combination Western and Japanese-style strolling garden with trees and ponds was completed. In 1974, until this garden was purchased by the City of Tokyo, the Iwasaki family used the buildings and grounds as their residence. The garden is located on the southern edge of the Kokubunji rift line. The natural flora in the Musashi plateau and the cliff-like rift area are well protected. Thus, it is possible to observe many kinds of wild grasses, insects, etc. that have been living in this area since former times. In the Jiro Benten Pond in the garden, there is a depression that contains a natural spring that provides large quantities of fresh water. Water that runs off the cliff collects in this area and is part of the source of the Nogawa River. As can be seen from the above, this garden has features that differ from the other gardens in the Tokyo area.


Open Date April 1, 1979
Area 21,123.59m2
Number of Trees High Tree : 1,700
Low Tree : 800
Facilities Hours: Open from 9:00 to 17:00 (Entry until 16:30) Closed: Year-end holidays (December 29 to January 1)
Entrance fee: Adults and Junior high school students: ¥150,
Groups of 20 and more: ¥120
Persons who are 65 and over: ¥70, Groups of 20 or more: ¥50
(No charge for primary school children or younger, and junior high school students living or attending school in Tokyo)
Related facilities: The Kouyou-tei can be used for tea ceremony and poetry gatherings (30 persons or less)
*Charges required

Home  > Tonogayato Gardens  > Outline