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  Flower Recommend Event
Spring Flower Cherry blossom(Prunus): Late March to mid-April, Wisteria(Wisteria floribunba): Late April Recommend   Event Rice Paddy Planting
Summer Flower Azalea(Rhododendron): Late April to mid-June, Rabbit-ear iris(Iris laevigate): Early May to mid-May, Iris(Iris ensata): Early June to mid-June Recommend   Event Rice harvesting
Autumn Flower Water lily(Nymphaea): May to September, Lotus(Nelumbo nucifera): Late July to mid-August Recommend   Event Colored leaves Festival
Winter Flower Japanese maple(Acer palmatum): Mid-November to late November, Japanese apricot(Prunus mume): Early February to late February Recommend   Event Snow-ropes Put Pines, Ume Blossom Festival

Home  > Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens > Calendar