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The College of "Midori to Mizu (Green and water)" for Citizens

The College of "Midori to Mizu" for citizens provides courses where people learn green and water extensively. Themes vary from environmental problems to green in life.
Lecturers are specialists of the field, so anyone can acquire knowledge on green and water easily. They also can acquire skills to grow flowers and vegetables through actual practice in parks and gardens.

Contact Citizen's college Office: 1-5,hibiya-park, chiyoda-ku,Tokyo (Zip:100-0012)
Phone: 03-5532-1306

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Tokyo Park Friends

"Tokyo Park Friends" is a membership group to learn green and water in parks and gardens in Tokyo . Annual member fee is 2,000Yen.
There are various privileges for members such as present of flower bulbs, free subscription of Association’s PR magazine "Midori to Mizu no Hiroba (Square of Green and Water) and reduction of entrance fee to Historical gardens in Tokyo and so on.
Would you be interested in acquiring a membership and start to learn green and water in parks and gardens in Tokyo? Please join us !!

Contact Tokyo Park Friends Office: Hygeia 10F Kabukicho 2-44-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Zip:160-0021)
Phone: 03-3232-3014

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Tokyo Mizube Line

Tokyo Mizube Line is water-bus transportation service, which navigates around the Sumida river, the Arakawa river, Odaiba area and the Kasai Rinkai Park. Other than general transportation service, we offer many kinds of special cruising to enjoy Japanese features such as cherry blossoms in Spring and fireworks in Summer. Chartering of water-buses is also available. Why don’t you try to discover the charm of Tokyo enjoying nice breeze and sunshine on a water-bus?

Contact Tokyo Mizube Line Office: 2-15, yokoami 1-chome, sumida-ku,Tokyo (Zip:130-0015)
Phone: 03-5608-8869

Route Map Information about route map, landing fields, Rivers, and Tokyo bay.


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