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Name Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association an affiliated organization of Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Location 160-0021 Hygeia 9.10F Kabukicho 2-44-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established date February 25,1954
Purpose (1) Promote planting tree by managing the Municipal tree-planting funds of Tokyo.
(2) Develop park greening business and waterside environment business in order for Citizens of Tokyo to enjoy comfortable and relaxed life.
Representative Mr. Yutaka Iio, President
Board member 11 executive board members and 2 auditing officers
Association staffs 720 staffs
Amount of balance of Municipal tree-planting funds of Tokyo 2,644,770,000Yen (at the end of FY2009)
Business scale 14,314,090,000Yen (Budget for FY2010)

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Overview of our business

The association carries out three businesses, namely public utility business, entrusted park-management business by fee and usual profit-earning business.

Outline of each business are as follows.
[1] Public utility business
(A) popularization business

  1. We issue a public relations magazine, "Midori to Mizu no Hiroba (Square of Green and Water)" and sending to citizens of Tokyo widely.
  2. We issue a technical magazine, "Toshi Koen (Urban Park) "which is focused to information and technologies on park-management.
  3. We operate Tokyo Archives in Hibiya Park, where we keep vast volume of various types of information on parks and green and making it open to public.
  4. We preside over "Tokyo Park Friends", the Association’s membership system. Members of Tokyo Park Friends have various privileges such as reduction of entrance fee to designated Historic gardens etc.

(B) College business
We preside over "Citizen’s college for green and water" where we provide with 35 courses. They are mainly popularization lessons of green and water, but at some colleges, we are training up for volunteers who can support our activities at various parks in Tokyo.

(C) Municipal tree-planting funds (Ryokuka Kikin)
This is a fund-raising business that was started in 1985.Current amount raised so far is exceeding 2.4billion Yen at the end of 2004.We are investing this fund mainly in public bonds which are believed to be relatively safe investment, and distributing interests to various fields to promote tree-planting in Tokyo.

[2]Entrusted Park-management and Waterside-management business by fee
(A) Entrusted Park-management business by fee
We maintain and manage parks, historic gardens, cemeteries, funeral parlors and so on that are entrusted from Tokyo Municipal Government.

  1. Maintenance and management of 9 historic gardens and 55 parks.
  2. Maintenance and management of Yumenoshima tropical botanic garden and Hibiya town hall.
  3. Maintenance and management of 9 cemeteries and funeral parlors.

(B) Entrusted waterside-management business by fee
We maintain and manage waterside business that are entrusted from Tokyo Municipal Government.

  1. Maintenance and management of 8 adjustment dams.
  2. Maintenance and management of moorages which are used in case of emergency.
  3. Maintenance of Water-buses.

[3] Profit-earning business
(A) Business in parks
We promote various business in parks such as shops, cafeterias, rental boats, parking lots and so on. Profit from this business is the source of our Public utility business, and a level of profit is increasing year by year.

  1. Operating 35 shops and 3 cafeterias in various parks.
  2. Operating a sporting land, boat renting business and a park train.
  3. Operating 39 parking lots.
  4. Entrusted management business by fee from Tokyo Municipal Government, such as management of a reservation center for sport facilities.

(B) Business at waterside
We promote various business at waterside such as operation of water buses and temporary moorages.

  1. Operating 3 water buses mainly in Sumida-river area.
  2. Managing 4 temporary moorages for leisure boats.
  3. Operating 10 parking lots along river-side.
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