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Tidal pond carrying water from the Tokyo Bay
Hama-rikyu Gardens
Place of contact Hama-rikyu Garden Office
Tel: 3541-0200
Address: 1-1, Hama Rikyu-teien, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Zip: 104-0046)
Transport 7 minutes walk from [Shiodome Sta.] or [Tukiji-ichiba Sta.] of Toei Subway Oedo Line,12 minutes walk from [Shinbashi Sta.] of JR Yamanote Line, Tokyo-metro Ginza Line and Toei Subway Asakusa Line
mapThis garden is a typical Daimyo(Japanese feudal lord) garden in the Edo period with a tidal pond(Shioiri-no-Ike) and two wild-duck hunting sites(Kamoba). A tidal pond means a pond that are infused with seawater in order to change flavor along a pond by flood changes time to time, of which style had been popularly used in coastal gardens in the Edo period. The whole pond had been reed fields and used for falconry site for Shogun families.
This garden is roughly divided into two areas, the south garden whose center is Daimyo garden and the north garden that had been developed after the Meiji period. After the Meiji Restoration, the garden became the detached palace of royal families and officially named Hamarikyu, which means a detached palace on the coast. In 1952,this garden was appointed as the Special Place of scenic beauty and the Special Historic Site, based on the Cultural Properties Protection Law of Japan.
Now the garden is surrounded by high-rise buildings of Shiodome business area, and contrast between the old and the new is superb.
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Pond, beautiful stones, greenness and wild birds
Kiyosumi Gardens
Place of contact Kiyosumi Garden Office
Tel: 3641-5892
Address: 3-3-9 Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo (Zip: 135-0024)
Transport 3 minutes walk from [Kiyosumi-shirakawa Sta.] of Toei Subway Oedo Line and Tokyo-metro Hanzoumon Line
mapThis park is a typical "Kaiyuu style" Daimyo( Japanese feudal lord) garden in the Edo period. The park is featured with a pond, artificial hills and rocks. Part of the parkland is believed to had been the house of Mr. Bunzaemon Kinokuniya, a famous merchant in the Edo period. In 1878, Mr. Yataro Iwasaki, a founder of Mitsubishi group, bought this premise and built a garden for comforting his employees and also for inviting important business guests. In 1932, Mitsubishi group contributed this garden to Tokyo City and after some repair works it was opened to the public in 1932. The park was appointed as Place of scenic beauty of Tokyo Prefecture in 1979.
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